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kitchen by greg

MENU - kitchen by greg Restaurant in Sarona, Tel Aviv



Home bread and dips
22 ₪
Served with seasonal dips
Soup of the day
33 ₪
Served with toasts
34 ₪
Seasoned vegetables roasted in a stone oven, balsamic vinegar
Bonfire eggplant
34 ₪
Tahini, chimichuri, herbs and hot pepper. Served with toasts
34 ₪
Chick peas, pickels, olive oil, lemon, garlic and hot pepper, served with taboon bread
(Ground beef – extra 12 Nis)
Roasted sweet potatoes
36 ₪
Tahini, date honey, roasted almonds and green onions
Onion hallah
36 ₪
Fried onion rings with crispy coating, sweet chili and aioli herbs
Chicken wings
36 ₪
Fried chicken wings in sauteed sweet teriyaki sauce, sesame and green onion
Liver pate
39 ₪
Onion marmalade, pear poached in red wine, served with toasts
Chicken pastia
42 ₪
Fried rolls filled with chicken, harissa and herbs, served with roasted onions, amba
tehini, hot pepper and green sour salad
Beef fillet carpaccio
42 ₪
Olive oil and lemon, balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs and radishes, served with toasts


Avocado sandwich
55 ₪
Fresh avocado, chimichuri, tomato, red onion, fresh herbs mix, served with green salad
56 ₪
Taboon bread, coarsely minced angus meat, tomatoes, glazed red onions,
Har Bracha tahini and sumac
56 ₪
Taboon bread, spring chicken shawarma, fried onions, sour herbs mix, tomato and amba tahini
Entrecote sandwich
63 ₪
Sliced entrecote grilled on the plancha, fried onions, hot pepper, mayonnaise,
mustard, chimichuri, lettuce and tomato, served with green salad


Caesar Salad
42 ₪
Crispy lettuce, caesar dressing, croutons, artichoke confie, red onion and radish
(Grilled Chicken – extra 10 Nis)
Market salad
42 ₪
Fresh avocado, pepper, cucumber, tomato, carrot, red onion, radish and lettuce
seasoned with olive oil and lemon
(Grilled Chicken – extra 10 Nis)
Asian salad
52 ₪
Kohlrabi, carrots, beets, lettuce, chicken fillet, herbs and salted peanuts in teriyaki and peanut butter sauce
Spring chicken and mushrooms salad
57 ₪
Lettuce, red onion, cherry tomatoes, herbs, whole wheat, spring chicken and
mushrooms stir-fried in sweet lemon chili


Chicken burger
58 ₪
Soft bun, garlic sauce, roasted sliced chicken fillet, fresh vegetables, pickles,
crispy onions and french fries
Additions: avocado, fried egg, fried onions, mushrooms - extra 6 Nis
62 ₪
220 gr’ minced angus meat, soft bun, fresh vegetables, pickles, french fries,
chimichuri sauce
Additions: avocado, fried egg, fried onions, mushrooms - extra 6 Nis
Chicken liver
62 ₪
Chicken liver stir-fried with mushrooms and onions in teriyaki sauce and red wine, served with mashed potatoes
Chicken breast
62 ₪
Grilled on the plancha, citrus sauce, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, spinach leaves, served with antipasti
65 ₪
Chicken breast in bread crumbs, dijon mustard, mashed potatoes,
served with green salad
Lamb kebab
67 ₪
Roasted vegetables, amba tehini, mixture of sour herbs with whole wheat
and tomatoes
Spring chicken steak
74 ₪
Garlic marinade, lemon, rosemary, served with green beans, roasted sweet potatoes
and roasted almonds
92 ₪
Long cooking rib meat in sweet beef stock sauce, served on mashed potatoes, with
green beens, carrots and artichokes by side
135 ₪
300 gr’ entrecote steak served with roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes and
chimichuri sauce
Salmon fillet
86 ₪
Served with mashed potatoes, green beans, roasted sweet potato, roasted almonds.
Green salad by side
Grilled sea bass fillet
97 ₪
Herb and lemon sauce, served on pasta alio oglio, with artichoke, olive oil,
kalamata olives


Fettuccine alio oglio
52 ₪
Alio oglio sauce, zucchini, artichoke, kalamata olives, garlic and parsley
Fettuccine polo
62 ₪
Napolitana sauce with cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, zuccini, roasted pepper
and chicken
Fettuccine bolognese
62 ₪
Classic bolognese sauce with root vegetables and red wine


Fettuccine in tomato sauce
29 ₪
Served with fresh vegetable sticks
37 ₪
100 gr meat, fresh vegetable sticks and french fries
37 ₪
Served with fresh vegetable sticks and french fries
All dishes are served with a glass of soft drink of grape juice/orange juice/
lemonade and scoop of ice cream


46 ₪
yeast cake dipped in sweet,scented syrup with vanilla cream toping and sweet berry sauce
Pavlova (gluten free)
42 ₪
Crispy saucer meringue,soft inside,filled with vanilla cream,topped with sweet berry sauce
42 ₪
cold “cheese” cake (tofu silk), combined with homemade strawberry confiture
Apple crumble
42 ₪
caramelized apple wedges on a unique dough,coated with special crumble crust, served with the scoop of vanilla ice cream
Ferrero Rocher
42 ₪
layers of crispy nougat,belgian chocolate cream topped with Ferrero Rocher ganache, decorated with crunch dark chocolate
Hot fudge chocolate cake (gluten free)
42 ₪
hot chocolate cake (without flour),filled with chocolate in and out, served with the scoop of vanilla ice cream
Royal Sorbet
42 ₪
Vanilla cream,fresh fruits,berry sauce,scoop of sorbet
Biscuits cake
42 ₪
layers of biscuits with vanilla cream, coated with dark chocolate ganache
Pecan pie
42 ₪
caramelized pecans with maple and dates-honey, baked in special crispy dough pie
Lemon tart
42 ₪
Baked lemon cream tart,coated with baked meringue (served cold)
Scoop of Ice Cream or Sorbet
15 ₪


Soda Kinley
10 ₪
Neviot Mineral Water
11 ₪
Soft drinks
13 ₪
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Fanta, Tonic, Fuze Tea,
Neviot + Apple Flavor, Neviot + Peach flavor, Prigat grape juice
13 ₪
Non alchoholic Israeli beer
Orange juice/Lemonade/Red grapefruit juice
15 ₪
Mango/strawberry/apple/passionfruit flavored soda
15 ₪
San Pellegrino
16/26 ₪
Aqua Pana
16/26 ₪
Mineral water from the Chianti region of Tuscany
Cold coffee
17 ₪
Cold drink based on soy milk, ice and espresso
Cold Americano
12 ₪
Cold drink based on water, ice and espresso
Mochito (Non-alcochol)
22 ₪
Lemonade, mint, leaves, lemon and soda


Hot water with mint
8 ₪
10 ₪
Espresso short/long
19 ₪
Espresso double/double long
11 ₪
11 ₪
13/16 ₪
12 ₪
Hot Health Drink
18 ₪
Hot water, mint, lemon, dried apple and cinnamon stick
Hot Cider
20 ₪
Apple cider, cinnamon stick and dried apple
Pecan Drink
20 ₪
Soybean milk, silan, chinese pecan fragments and roasted coconut
Hot or cold Sangrita
25 ₪
Red wine, apple cider, cinnamon stick, dried apple and berries
You can get Decaff


Malka Pale Ale bootle (Israel(
35 ₪
Stella Artois bottle
35 ₪
Leffe Brown bottle
35 ₪
Tuborg Draft
31/36 ₪
Weihenstephan Draft
31/36 ₪
Carlsberg Draft
31/36 ₪
32/36 ₪